By: Alan Good On: December 12, 2014 In: Blog, Features, Mind Over Matter, Opinion Comments: 3

In the aftermath of any hockey competition, comes reflection. And plenty of questions for the coaches. What could we have done better? Did we perform to our potential? Was that the right formation/press/outletting/short corner strategy? The list goes on. This is especially true of an interpros, where countless hours...

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By: Alan Good On: September 15, 2014 In: Blog, Features, Opinion Comments: 1

Most players learn by doing but that doesn't mean they shouldn't seek inspiration by making the effort to watch the top-level hockey on our doorstep in Munster

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By: David Passmore On: February 23, 2014 In: Features, Opinion Comments: 9

In an open letter to the Irish hockey community, former IHA high performance director David Passmore outlines his fears regarding player burnout.

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By: Mark Egner On: January 17, 2014 In: Features, International, Opinion Comments: 5

While Mark Egner was home in Cork over Christmas, everyone wanted to ask the same questions. How was coaching in the USA? Are things much different over there? In a guest column for SFH, he outlines his experiences of his first season as assistant coach to Longwood Lancers in...

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By: Phil Oakley On: March 5, 2013 In: Club, Features, Opinion Comments: 3

Ahead of the next week's forum on the future of men's and boys' hockey in Munster, the Irish Hockey Association's western regional development officer Phil Oakley outlines some of the challenges facing the male side of the sport in 2013

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By: Alan Good On: July 25, 2012 In: Features, International, Opinion Comments: 2

Ireland might not be competing after March's qualification tournament near misses, but there's still plenty to pique the interest of hockey fans at the London 2012 Olympics, which get underway this weekend. Here's Southern Fried Hockey's guide to the tournament.

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