1 Rules of conduct 1.1 The participant agrees to participate in the Southern Fried Hockey camp/clinic and to meet all of its requirements. 1.2 The participant accepts the authority of all Southern Fried Hockey staff. 1.3 Photographs and videos taken by Southern Fried Hockey staff members during hockey camps or clinics (with recognisable images of individual participants) may be used for promotional purposes by the Southern Fried Hockey, including the use in magazines, brochures, posters, on our website and on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. 2 Change in circumstances 2.1 Southern Fried Hockey reserves the right to make date/venue changes if necessary and will not be held accountable should activities be suspended or cancelled due to bad weather. 2.2 Southern Fried Hockey reserves the right to cancel a camp due to insufficient subscription. 2.3 In cases where the weather is deemed so bad that the coaching activities need to be suspended, the Southern Fried Hockey camp co-ordinator will be available to supervise indoor activities, only if the host club or venue can provide such an indoor facility. Should such a facility be unavailable and the weather shows no sign of improving, the co-ordinator will contact the parent or guardian to advise them should the suspension of coaching activities become necessary. It will then be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to make arrangements to collect the child. The coaching staff will supervise all children until they have been collected. 3 Supervision and misbehaviour 3.1 Southern Fried Hockey is not responsible for the supervision or safety of  participants before the stated start time and after the stated finish time, both of which stated in the booking process. 3.2 A participant who causes inconvenience or disturbance at a camp through their behaviour, or intereferes with the success of the camp, may be suspended from the camp/clinic. No refunds will be made and any additional costs involved will be at the parents’/guardians’ expense. 3.3 Drinking or possession of any alcoholic beverages is prohibited. 3.4 Smoking is prohibited. 3.5 The use of or possession of illegal drugs or any illegal substances are prohibited, and will result in immediate dismissal from camp/clinic. 4 Accident, injury and medical treatment 4.1  Southern Fried Hockey insists that players wear shinpads and a mouthguard at all times (unless there is a specific reason a participant should not wear a mouth guard), and have the correct footwear and equipment. All jewellery should be removed prior to participation. 4.2 Southern Fried Hockey staff and personnel are authorised to arrange for necessary medical treatment, including hospitalisation. The parent/guardian of the child is responsible for the payment of any and all medical treatment, associated transportation costs or medicines of any nature which may arise in connection with any sickness or accident which may occur during the camp/clinic. 4.3 The participant agrees to be familiar with the insurance policy that will cover him/her during the entire camp session. It is the responsibility of the participant’s parent/guardian to understand the policy and to pay for any medical treatment and supplies that are not covered by the policy. 5 Payments 5.1 All payments should be made online through Get Invited or via cheques made out to Southern Fried Hockey. 5.2 Southern Fried Hockey will only accept cash payment for transactions made in person. 5.3 Any payments not made through the online process may be subject to higher charges due to increased administration costs. 5.4 Camp/clinic participants are not deemed as valid until full fee has been paid. 6 Cancellations and Refunds 6.1 All cancellations must be made either in writing the date of the postmark will serve as the date of reference) or by email. 6.2 In the case of cancellation, the following amounts will be charged per participant. All days referenced are inclusive. *28 days or more prior to the camp’s start date – 100% of the total sum will be refunded. *21-27 days prior to the camp’s start date – 90% of the total sum will be refunded. *14-20 days  prior to the camp’s start date – 75% of the total sum will be refunded. *7-13 days prior to the camp’s start date – 50%  of the total sum will be refunded. *1-6 days prior to the camp’s start date – 25% of the total sum will be refunded. *On the day of the camp’s start date or later – 0% of the total sum will be refunded. 7 Liability and lost property 7.1 Southern Fried Hockey  camps will operate to the highest standards, but it cannot be held liable or responsible for damages, injuries or loss of possessions and parents/guardians are advised to obtain personal insurance for these occurances. We advise valuable items to be left at home. 7.2 Lost property will be retained by the Southern Fried Hockey  for seven days after the end of a camp. After this period expires, such items will be given to charity.